Turnaround Consultants

CR3 Partners is a national turnaround and performance improvement firm. We assist, guide and collaborate with management teams facing any sort of transition, stress or distress.

Who We Are

We are acutely aware of the pressures and challenges of building and running a business. We have all been there as CxO and we are respectful of what it takes. We partner with our clients for success by combining their skills and ours, by pushing and yielding, by striving and daring, and by being the compass when most needed. We are guided in all of our work by a number of core values including dedication, honesty and accountability.

When faced with a confusing set of options, when once again battling a recurring problem, when confronting a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, who do you want in the arena with you?

What We Do

Whether outlining strategies to accelerate growth, improving an operating inefficiency, solving a working capital shortfall, providing urgent crisis management, or guiding a company through a bankruptcy, our seasoned team of turnaround consultants will quickly assess, stabilize and implement the best value-maximizing options for each situation. Our team is relied upon by middle market companies nationwide who seek senior-level counsel, be it in an advisory or interim management role.

As an independent advisory firm and restructuring firm, our services and scope are not constrained by regulatory challenges which allows us to roll up our sleeves and serve as an officer, or guide an organization through a process as an objective advisor. Priced and structured for the middle market, our partners are on the front line of an engagement from the first discussion through completion of the work. We specialize in creative solutions with first rate, personalized service.


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