Bankruptcy Litigation

CR3 has extensive experience advising clients through complex litigation. We provide litigation support, financial advisory, and expert witness services.


We have worked with counsel to:

  • Assess and quantify causes of actions prior to filing adversarial proceedings and update adversaries and motions with financial and damage data as applicable.
  • Manage discovery, including drafting and/or responding to document requests, preparing for depositions of client and/or counter parties, and analyzing documents received via discovery.
  • Participate in mediation or arbitration and prepare analyses, exhibits, and testimony.
  • Provide expert report, deposition, and courtroom testimony; prepare rebuttal reports of opposing experts.
  • Prepare for trial, including producing demonstratives, creating witness outlines, assisting with settlement strategies, and preparing financial analyses thereof.
  • Perform diligence on counterparties’ ability to pay settlements or judgments and analyze alternative payment or settlement scenarios.


Our work in financial and forensic accounting consulting matters has resulted in the identification of litigation or recovery actions. In these instances, we have provided both forensic and litigation services to counsel and/or other interested parties.

CR3 consultants have provided services in litigation matters addressing breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duties, fraudulent conveyances, actual fraud, and preferential transfers. We have prepared related financial analyses including solvency, damages, lost profits, valuation, and restitution calculations.